Customer Comments

  Dave did the brakes on my '99 Explorer and also changed out the lower control arms (suspension parts). Awesome prices and convenience are great reasons to choose Dave, but honesty is perhaps the best reason of all. Dave will tell you exactly what you need, nothing more. Sure you can chose to do all four wheels if it's more convenient for you, but Dave will only recommend exactly what is needed to keep your vehicle stopping safely.
Dave Billing, Engineer

  Dave approaches every job with integrity and motivation. He does the job right and at a great price. He's professional and reliable, more than once saving me major cash by not replacing rotors until needed. And he does much more than brakes! Timing belts are his specialty as well. I highly recommend him and have sent many a happy customer his way.
Tom Francis, Cisco Systems

  Dave is the only one I trust now to work on my vehicles. Being an engineer at Cisco Systems means I have little spare time to waste taking my car to the shop and waiting for it to be worked on. Not to mention the times when the work was not done right and another trip to the shop was required to get it done right. What a PAIN !!!
  Dave's replaced the brakes on my 2002 Acura TL "S" with lifetime warranty ceramic pads and new rotors for $90 less than any other quote I received, not even including all the time I saved. Then I had him do the brakes on my 04 Explorer, and then the timing belt and coolant pump on the Acura when it came due. Never had a problem with his work, and I've referred him to many colleagues and friends who've all be more than pleased with his work. Don't waste your time and money going anywhere else.
Trevor Peterson, Cisco Systems

  I received two comments on changing out both my front wheel bearings on my 4x4 Ford Ranger. The dealer quoted me $1400, and a private shop quoted $800. Dave's quote was $597 complete, with great quality Timkin bearings. His honored his quote and saved me money and time. You can bet I won't have anything on my truck done till I run it by him first. He's doing a tune-up on my Ranger next week. Go Dave!
John Parker, NetApp

  I had put off doing my brakes due to money issues even though I knew they were getting bad. Then they got so bad I couldn't even drive it. Dave came over right away and got me back on the road again. The lifetime warranty on the pads is great too, when these new pads wear out, I get a new set for free. Dave's just so easy to work with, thanks so much Dave.
Julie Thompson, Cashier

  The “check engine” light on my car kept it from passing inspection. Dave at Dave's Mobile Brakes hooked up his reader and found my problem. After changing the O2 sensor my car passed with flying colors. I'm so glad to have that hassle over for another year !!! Thanks again Dave.
Tricia Williamson, Small Business Owner

  This was the easiest auto work I've ever had done. He met me in the lobby of my building for my keys, and an hour later met me there again to return them and get his check. Five minutes of my time max. He'd be well worth it even if his prices weren't so competitive, but he saved my money too! Don't find many good deals like this out there these days.
Sirini Gupta, Software Test Engineer